Nova Association Management Partners

Goal: Design a logo and website that will set Nova apart as a cutting-edge solution for association management.

After splitting from their parent company Pinnacle, Nova needed a brand that would establish themselves as an independent agency. To the team, the name Nova means "new" and "innovative". Many association management firms use antiquated technology and outdated methods, so it was important to the Nova team that they live up to their name by providing modern, cutting-edge services. In order to create a reputation that Nova is driving the industry, I designed a bold typeset logo and clean website to stand out from the dated style of their competitors' brands.

Logo Process: 

Before designing the logo, I did a competitive analysis of other association management firms in the Pacific Northwest. Most of Nova's competitors use outdated branding with heavy gradients, unmodified typefaces, and detailed marks. Since Nova wanted to set themselves apart as a modern management solution, it was important that their final design stood out as clean and bold. I explored several different options, some with marks and some without. In the end the team chose a custom typeface with strong lines to represent their new cutting-edge approach.